Who is Joanna

Joanna Avellana

Hi there! My name is Joanna and thanks for visiting my website.

I started working online as a General Virtual Assistant back in 2014. I worked my way up and learned everything that I could on how to assist clients with their businesses online. 

I also invested on my professional growth by taking up several Virtual Assistant and Social Media Management courses.

Today, I’m privileged to have helped more than 50 clients that are in the Coaching, Real Estate and E-commerce businesses.

What sets me apart from other Virtual Assistants is my passion for excellence. This passion is vital to the success of your overall business goals.

And just like all of the clients I have managed before, my goal is to help you achieve a better work and life balance.

Why Hire Me

There are just so many moving parts when running your own Business.

From tons of virtual paper work, to setting up your calendar and appointments, sending out emails to customers and vendors, and even adding new content on your social media accounts.

And the list goes on and on. It never really ends.

I can help make your personal and business life a lot easier.

Fun Facts About Me

I love coffee!

I can't work and think properly without my daily caffeine.

I love my family and they are the reasons why I chose to work on my own as a Virtual Assistant.

Joanna Avellana loves food

We spend most of our weekends tasting the best restaurants around the city.

My family and I also love dogs and have one big black Belgian Malinois that we fondly call Max.

Joanna Avellana loves Max

Joanna Son Taekwondo

My son also practice Taekwondo and is getting better at it everyday! 

What Clients Are Saying About Me

Brian LeonardHalcyon Brand Services

Joanna is part of our team, she's our go-to gal for any project because she's extremely organized, efficient, and always get it right on the first try.

Ellen Bathgate

I've been working with Joanna since the middle of 2016 and I don't know how I ever ran my business without her. Joanna completely manages my social media platforms (including some communications with contact on my personal profile), updates my blog, preparing newsletters, sending out bulk emails, handles a large amount of administration for me, edits my videos and so much more. I'm so grateful to be working with Joanna and to also call her a friend. If you run a business, and you're looking for an assistant, I would highly recommend Joanna to you.

Caitlyn Argyle

Joanna is a fantastic person to work with. She is reliable, knowledgeable, and can design good graphics. She takes her time to do the work making sure it is right for what was asked. I've had her help me with Facebook posting and she does it very well. Highly recommend Joanna and appreciate the work she does for me.

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